I. En.your-reviews24.comcollects and uses the following information and data about you

Cookies - What are they?

Cookies are small text files. Cookie file is the information that is stored in the user's end devices. These files are intended for using web sites. They appear in text form. Cookies contain the name of the web site from which they come from, their time of retention on the end device, and individual number. They are used to monitor user traffic on the site.

Service may use "cookies" mechanism, while the user (the User) is visiting the website. Cookies that may be used on the service website are associated strictly with the browser of the computer (user is anonymous), without displaying the user's name or surname. This is the information saved by en.your-reviews24.comserver on the user's computer. En.your-reviews24.comserver is able to read these files every time it connects to the user's computer. Cookies files provide statistical data about users' traffic and their use of webpages of the Service.

Cookies posted on the user's end device can be also used by advertisers and partners who cooperate with the Service.

The Service Provider clearly informs you that changes of your web browser's settings may affect the proper displaying of content on the website.

II. What are the purposes of cookies?

a) the ability to log in and maintain a user session on every page of the website,

b) monitoring user's traffic on the website,

c) Customize the content of the website to preferences of individual user. Those cookies files recognize its device to display the page according to its individual preferences,

d) They are used to create anonymous statistics excluding the ability to identify the user.

III. How to disable cookies files?

You have the right to choose how you want to manage "cookies" in the internet. You can resign from the automatic way of managing cookies. You can replace it with personalized user settings. In this regard detailed information are provided by the providers of web browsers – you should check it in the tab "Internet options". There are informations how to disable cookies files.

Each user has the option of disabling the "cookies" mechanism in his / her own web browser. Nevertheless we do not guarantee that disabling cookies files will not affect the proper display of the content of the website. Disabling cookies files can even make it impossible to use the en.your-reviews24.com