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xform complex opinions

Posted: 2017-08-18
by Hardkor
Hello everybody.
I've been working out at a gym for six months now and I could use some boost. I stumbled upon xform complex recently. Anyone used it? Any tips or opinions?

Re: xform complex opinions

Posted: 2017-08-18
by GildMan
Didn't use it myself, but a friend of mine who pumps the iron all the time takes those pills and he says, they make an awesome supplement. After 2 packages he gained 10kg of muscle, and when I look at him he does look like he's been taking something. Thought it was steroids or something because of how fast he gained, but he said it was xform complex and half of guys at his gym uses it too.

Re: xform complex opinions

Posted: 2017-08-23
by Killer
I ordered one package early in November as a test and now I know I will order another. I indeed noticed much better body regeneration after xform. What is most important thought, is that it really changes your physique. I take pictures of myself and I can see a huge difference. Without those pills it would take me few months to get results like this, while here I get awesome results in just 3 weeks.